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Let's Make The Last One Legendary

Our last elite camp of Summer 2022 is approaching on July 20th, let's wrap up the summer in a legendary way.

This summer we have hosted two elite camps so far. One on Memorial Day (May 30th), and the other on June 17th.

Both of them have been a lot of fun for all the coaches and players who participated. We are excited about the feedback, and positive comments that we have received from parents/players.

"My boys had so much fun and loved every part of the camp!! Definitely recommend this to everyone!
"It was probably the best soccer camp I've been to"

Often, it is difficult to prepare for something that is new, such as FuturElitez soccer camps which only just began this summer.

Nevertheless, we have ensured that each camper receives the best possible experience thanks to our coaches putting in hours of work and preparation to make sure the camp is run in the best way possible.

In the second camp on June 17th, the experience from the first camp was much improved, and we expect no different from our upcoming camp on July 20th. This camp will be our last of the summer, and it will be our best experience yet!

What will players get from a FuturElitez Soccer Elite Camp?
  • High-Intensity Training

  • Technique Based Training

  • A Positive Energy Environment

  • Fun Experience

  • Prizes

  • Building an ELITE mentality

I can describe what our camps are like, but sometimes the best way to understand what an environment is like is visually. Luckily, we have some amazing drone footage on our Instagram of our last two camps.

If you haven't attended either of our camps so far, this is an amazing opportunity to do so now. Check out our video on Instagram, and keep reading to find out why.


Our upcoming camp will be different for YOU, so this is why we want to make it easier for everybody to attend!

We have a special going on that ends on July 10th which is coming very soon, so don't miss out!

We've bumped the price down from $140 per player to $90 per player.

To book your spot at this price:

  • Visit the link right here

  • Use code "Freedom" at checkout

We Hope To See You There!

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