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Why FuturElitez

Technique & Mindset Over Everything.


At FuturElitez Soccer, we provide more than just technical training, which in this day and age, is crucial for all aspiring soccer players, in order to become the best version of themselves!

Besides our effective technical training program (see what others say about it) we provide other programs such as:


Player Analysis, which is essential for any aspiring soccer player to improve his/her soccer IQ, which will result in better performance in their soccer careers.


The next program, is our Mindset Training Program, which is on a monthly basis to help our players with their mindset/confidence especially in this day and age, where mental health is a very important topic and concern in the youth/pre-teens/teens/young adults etc.

We also hold exclusive pickup games for our players to fully experience the effective coaching whilst they play and express themselves through their skills and technical capabilities!


We provide high quality and effective clinics (position specific) and camps throughout the year so that way our players can fully develop their skills and technique.


Our story

"We are humans, not robots, so when you're learning a skill, ask what is the purpose behind this? How can I implement this in my game? Instead of just doing as told." - Coach Parsa


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Meet The Team


Coach Parsa


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Coach Demitri


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Coach Roger

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