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Our FAQ is a collection of frequently asked questions about our soccer training programs and services. We hope that this FAQ will help you find the answers you are looking for.


If you have a question that is not answered in our FAQ, please fill out your form here and we'll contact you right away!


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1. What is FuturElitez soccer & mindset training?

FuturElitez is a soccer training company that provides a European approach to soccer development. We started in 2020 with the belief that players who are able to develop their technical, physical, and mental abilities will be the most successful.

2. What ages do you train? and what are the skill level requirements for training?

Ages are from 4 years old and older
Skill levels include:

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate (Travel/ECNL RL)

  • Advanced (ECNL/GA/MLS Next/Collegiate)

  • Professional

3. Will my child's club team conflict with FuturElitez Schedule during the week? How flexible are you? What are your policies?

We completely understand the concern that many parents share regarding their child's involvement in a club team during the week. 


At FuturElitez we are flexible enough to accommodate any player's schedule or your money back guaranteed (100% full refund). We will coordinate with you to make up sessions that you missed based on your schedule. 

  • Make up Sessions: Customers will always get a chance to make up sessions if they let us know 3 weeks in advance. 

    • Cancellation on our end: If a session is canceled on our end then no session will be deducted on anyone's plan.

    • Month by month plan:  If a customer misses any session it will be deducted from their plan

    • 6 month or 12 month plan: The player or parent can miss 1 session per month but any more sessions missed will have to be communicated with us via text, email or phone so we can schedule those make up sessions by the end of the week. Otherwise those sessions will be deducted.

Vacation policy: Players or Parents need to let us know 3 weeks in advance so we can make up those sessions before leaving for vacation.

4. How do I join training?

  • First, let's have you fill out your form (down below) and then we'll have you schedule a call to discuss your goals and needs. We will then determine which tier is the right fit for you/your child's needs!

5. How much does FuturElitez soccer & mindset training cost?

  • The investment in FuturElitez soccer training varies depending on the type of training tier you choose. Currently, we have 3 tiers.

  • If you are interested in learning more about FuturElitez soccer training services, please email, call or click this link:

  • We would be happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the right program for your needs.

6. How much does the trial session cost and how do I schedule this? 

To book your trial session for your desired date, please go to our "try us out" page: 

7. Where do you train? 

For outdoors training season: (Spring, Summer and Fall) we primarily train in Ashburn from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays, we train in Sterling for our clinics.

For indoor training season: We offer sessions from mid-November to the end of February. This ensures that players can continue their development even during the colder months, maintaining their progress and staying active throughout the year.


For more information, message us: ‪(703) 688-2759‬ or click the link below:

8. What is FuturElitez Philosophy?

FuturElitez's Philosophy: We understand that in order for any player to perform their best and technically outstanding, they first need to learn how to be in a better control of their thoughts and emotions.​

Having said that, we focus a lot on building resilient mindset and strong mentality in our players from the young age of 4 all the way to our older and more advanced players!

We are specialized in technical and performance training

9. What are the different tiers of small group technical training?

There are three tiers of small group technical training: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. 

  • Tier 1 is for serious players that are focused on getting better through repetition. 

  • Tier 2 is for players who have some experience with soccer and want to improve their skills. 

  • Tier 3 are for beginners who are new to soccer or who need a refresher on the basics.

10. What are the different pricing options for small group technical training?

There are three pricing options for small group technical training: month-to-month, 6-month, and 12-month. 

  • Our month-to-month subscription is designed to offer you the same convenience and flexibility as popular recurring memberships like Netflix, Hulu, or HBO. You can cancel your subscription anytime with a simple two-week notice through text or email. 

  • The 6-month and 12-month options are less expensive per month as you are committing to the full term.

11. What are clinics?

Our Elite Clinics focus deeply on one main topic (i.e. shooting/finishing, speed, agility, quickness, 1v1 etc.) with the objective of our players fully mastering the details.  

12. What clinics are currently available?

13. Our clinics are every Friday evening, do players have to go every Friday for the month or can it be spread out to every other Friday?

It helps us out 10x more if our players attend the clinic on a consistent basis rather than every once in a while. However, once you purchase your package of either 4 or 8 sessions and let us know in advance what days you won't be able to make it then no sessions will be deducted from your plan! 

14. What do parents say about FuturElitez?

Please read our Google Reviews:

15. What is the Vacation Policy for FuturElitez Players?

Parents need to let us know 3 weeks or more in advance about upcoming vacations. If parents let us know, we will make up the upcoming missed sessions prior to the vacation date. 

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