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Why FuturElitez Soccer?

Technique & Mindset Over Everything.


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Since our establishment in March 2020, we have seen continuous growth in our community each year. What sets us apart is our holistic approach of combining technical training with a strong focus on the players mindset ability.

In the early stages of development, players might not realize the significance of their first touch, ball control, body positioning, body coordination, and eye-to-ball coordination. Yet, what often goes unnoticed is the crucial role of the players 
mindset in reaching one's full potential.

That's why we prioritize the development of our players' mental game in addition to their technical and physical abilities.
Our Goal: To help players learn how to be in control of their thoughts and emotions in order to become the best version of themselves on and off the field. Once accomplished, players can help and lead others to do the same!
Our Mission: At FuturElitez, our mission is to revolutionize youth soccer development with concentration in the mindset and pressurized, in-game training . We believe that the key to unlocking a players true potential lies not only in their technical and physical abilities but in the mind. We are dedicated to pave the way for the next generation of elite soccer players by capitalizing on our resources for our players to get noticed and to become the premier training destination in the DMV area.

If you are a soccer parent or player in Northern Virginia seeking to improve in all aspects of the sport, we invite you to reach out to us and learn more about how we can support you in your journey. Click here to Start Training!

FuturElitez Service Locations include:

  • Ashburn, VA

  • Brambleton, VA

  • Aldie, VA

  • South Riding, VA

  • Sterling, VA

  • Leesburg, VA


FuturElitez x KZFitCoach Officially Merge

We're thrilled to announce that KZFitCoach, the personal soccer training & media company, is uniting with FuturElitez to bring more resources to elevate our community impact for youth development. With KZFitCoach on our team, we're set to create an even stronger positive influence. 

Coach Karim

COO & Coach

KZFitCoach Soccer Training Logo

Sports Media


Networking & Connections

Karim Zebdi, former owner of KZFitCoach, is now officially the COO of FuturElitez and will be coaching side by side with FuturElitez each week.

KZFitCoach will bring in their media team and services such as:

  • Highlight Reels for Players

  • Professional Videography

  • Photography

KZFitCoach will be bringing in the following relationships:

  • ​FIFA Agent - Daniel Infante from Elite Talent Management 

  • Washington Spirit 

  • Michael Elfman - Former DC United Assistant & Head Coach, Washington Spirit Coach, ODP, and Loudoun United

  • Jonathan - Futbolers Media

    • ​Connections from MLS, USL, US Colleges

  • American Premier League (APL) 

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