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Our Coaches

Coach Parsa

Coach Parsa, founder of FuturElitez Soccer, has a wealth of experience and passion for coaching players in the sport.


With over 6 years of experience, he has trained over 150 players of all ages, including ECNL, MLS NEXT players, 7 collegiate D1 & D2 players and 2 professional players so far.

Coach Parsa recognized the missing piece in many soccer players, their mindset, and started his private training program in March 2020 to provide more effective guidance.


His extensive playing experience of 18+ years, combined with his love for the game and teaching, makes him a valuable asset to any player looking to improve their skills.

In addition to running FuturElitez Soccer, Coach Parsa has also made a positive impact by offering his coaching services to various clubs in the Northern Virginia area, including Great Falls Reston, Valor, CYA, Sterling Soccer, and DC United Youth Academy.

Coach Demitri brings a a tremendous amount of passion and expertise to the field of soccer coaching.


With 19+ years of playing experience, including at the collegiate level, he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and skills with the next generation of players.

Coach Demitri is focused on helping players excel in three key areas: technique, soccer IQ, and quick changes of direction both with and without the ball.


By sharing his experiences and continuously learning, he is committed to supporting the growth and development of the youth in the sport.

With Coach Demitri's guidance, the future of soccer is looking bright for the next generation of players.

Coach Demitri

Coach Rog

Coach Roger brings a contagious positive energy to each and every coaching session, inspiring and engaging players. With 20+ years of playing experience, including at the Division 2 NCAA collegiate level, and coaching experience with the Great Falls Reston Soccer club team, Coach Roger is a valuable asset to the FuturElitez players.

Coach Roger is deeply passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences, including what he wishes he had known when he was younger, with the next generation of soccer players. He recognizes the critical role of a strong mindset and mentality in the sport, and is dedicated to guiding and instructing the FuturElitez players in this aspect.

Under Coach Roger's leadership and guidance, the future of soccer is bright for the next generation of players.

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