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65% Of This, is All You Need To Reach Your Full Potential

Sometimes we can struggle with having potential, but yet it seems there is a barrier between ourselves and reaching our full potential. Everyone has the potential to be great, but there is an attribute that pushes certain people to that level of greatness…..What is that attribute?

The Attribute Is Your Mindset!!!

Your mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself. It influences how you think, feel, and behave in certain situations. These beliefs are critical in how to deal with life's challenges.

It is believed that success comes from 35% ability and 65% mindset, and effort. Therefore if you have this 65% you are already within touching distance of success. If you don’t have this 65% that's where the barrier comes in blocking you from reaching your full potential.

I’m Going To Give You Two Scenarios

Chris tried out for his high school soccer team and didn’t make the team. He then says to to his parents “Next year I’m going to come back way better than I was this year and make the team next year!”

Robert tried out for his high school soccer team and didn’t make the team as well. He goes home and tells his parents “I didn’t make the team, and I don’t think I’ll try out next year. I can’t do it.” They have to talk him into trying out next year and he agrees.

Who Do You Think Has The Better Chance of Making The Team Next Year?

It’s very clear to see that Chris has the right mindset, and that will probably help him make the team next year compared to Robert. Those two views in mindset go a long way into a person's success.

If a person has the right mindset they are likely to have a hunger for learning and a desire to work hard. They understand that getting what they want, or learning new skills requires putting in effort. They're aware of their weaknesses, but they are focused on improving them.

On the other hand, those with the wrong mindsets are more likely to give up when challenges come their way. They don’t deal well with setbacks and often are very negative about themselves. Saying things like “I can’t do it.”

How Do Mindsets Become Formed?

Mindsets are formed mostly in early childhood. This is where parents have a big effect on their children and the way they think about life. Parents can take steps to make sure that their children develop positive mindsets by praising efforts not results.

By focusing on the process rather than the immediate outcome, it helps kids understand that their efforts, hard work, and dedication can lead to learning and growth both now and in the future.

How To Level Up Your Mindset?

Even though your mindset is initially formed in your childhood that doesn’t mean that you can’t change it as you mature. You definitely can and I’m going to list four ways to help!

1. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You may have heard the quote “Be comfortable being uncomfortable.” In order to get better as a person you have to experience new things even if those things make you feel uncomfortable. These new situations and challenges will 100% help you improve yourself.

2. Focus On and Enjoy Your Journey

We all have our eyes on where we want to get to in life and the ultimate end goal. However, I believe that every person should enjoy the journey. It’s an everyday process to reach those goals and throughout the journey you will encounter challenges, experiences, and setbacks. Take a minute to reflect on those experiences because you are learning valuable lessons along the way.

3. Surround Yourself With The Right People

You really do become who you surround yourself with. Hanging out with people who have ambitions and goals is important. It is easier to upgrade your mindset when you see that it is working for other people. Learn how they think and try to adapt their daily habits to match their mindset.

4. Pay Attention To Your Words and Thoughts

The conversations you have with yourself are a direct reflection on your mindset. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Tell yourself “I got this” or.. “I can do this.” These thoughts and words will empower you, and if you keep doing it you’ll see yourself improve in the face of setbacks or challenges.

How We Can Help:

At FuturElitez Soccer, we value mental health a lot and believe that 65% of the solution to everything is the mindset of an individual, and that is why we help them learn more about their mind besides just soccer training. We help them understand different ways they can control their mind and emotions to perform better in both training sessions and also their games!

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