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The Top 10 Benefits Of 3v3 Soccer

Updated: Jan 31

Unlocking Your Full Potential With 3v3 Soccer

In the world of soccer, where agility, decision-making, and teamwork are paramount, 3v3 soccer has emerged as a ground-breaking training & tournament option. With its multitude of benefits, sense of community, and (of course) fun factor, the 3v3 format is gaining traction in the soccer coaching community. In this blog post, we explore why 3v3 is becoming a crucial tool for player and team development, and we dive into the different types of 3v3 gameplay.

Benefits of Playing 3v3

1. More Reps: The seamless flow from one possession to the next in 3v3 allows players to get more repetitions. Multiple games can occur simultaneously, involving numerous players, leading to increased engagement and development.

2. More Touches on the Ball: Every modern soccer coach knows that ball-touches are key to technical development. 3v3 soccer ensures players touch the ball more frequently, fostering skill development across all levels, from youth to professional. This heightened interaction with the ball enhances players' technical abilities.

3. Harder to Get Away with Poor Defense: For defensive-minded coaches, 3v3 is a dream. It highlights players' strengths and weaknesses more effectively than 5v5, as each defender is actively involved in every possession.

4. No Zone Defense: 3v3 provides an ideal platform to hone man-to-man defensive skills, a prerequisite for playing effective zone defense at higher levels. It's an excellent opportunity to teach the basics of individual defense and enhance defensive rotations.

5. More Players Involved: With fewer players on the field, 3v3 ensures better engagement for everyone. Rotating players in and out becomes more seamless, with various ways to involve a larger number of players simultaneously.

6. Better Spacing: The reduced number of players on the field allows for improved spacing, emphasizing the benefits of proper positioning. Players quickly learn the importance of good spacing and its impact on defensive strategies.

7. Fast-paced (Shot Clock): The incorporation of a shot clock in 3v3 adds an element of urgency, encouraging players to make quick decisions and play with tempo. This fast-paced environment contributes to maximum repetitions and skill development.

8. Teaches Decision-Making: 3v3 is an excellent tool for teaching players decision-making in practice. Specialized small-sided games (SSGs) and various scenarios put players in situations where they must make quick decisions on both offense and defense.

9. Rep Actions: Coaches utilize 3v3 to replicate different actions, creating specific SSGs that focus on particular skills or strategies. This targeted approach enhances players' understanding and execution of various in-game scenarios.

10. Great Way to Break Down Skills: Breaking down different reads or actions becomes easier with 3v3. It allows coaches to focus on specific aspects of offense or defense, providing players with a comprehensive understanding of the skills involved.

Join the soccer revolution! Elevate your child's skills, boost their confidence, and immerse them in the world of 3v3 soccer – where every touch counts, every step matters, and the game is a constant source of joy and learning.

The FuturElitez 3v3 Soccer Tournament - CLICK HERE ⬇

  • March 27th & March 28th

  • 9:00am - 12:30pm

  • Open to all players age 9-15 years old

  • Two Groups (9-11 y/o & 12-15 y/o)

  • Form your own teams! Minimum of 4 players/team.

  • Fun & Competitive experience

  • Showcase skills, build camaraderie, and experience the thrill of 3v3 soccer!

  • Early bird sale ends on February 9th. Register now to secure your position!

  • Click Here to register and be a part of the soccer revolution!

Why 3v3?

  • 94% BALL ROLLING TIME: In the realm of 3v3 soccer, the ball is in play a staggering 94% of the time. This unparalleled ball-rolling time creates an environment where young players actively engage with the ball, fostering rapid skill development and enhancing their overall gameplay.

  • 102 TOUCHES PER PLAYER: Recognizing the crucial role of ball-touches in technical development, 3v3 soccer ensures that each player experiences an average of 102 touches per game. This emphasis on frequent ball interaction nurtures a player's ability to control, pass, and maneuver, laying the foundation for a well-rounded skill set.

  • 2300 STEPS PER GAME: The intensity of 3v3 soccer is evident in the significant physical involvement of players. With an average of 2300 steps per game, all participants, regardless of skill level, are actively contributing to the game. This constant movement not only enhances fitness but also instills a sense of agility and quick decision-making.


FuturElitez 3v3 Tournament Flyer


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