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Becoming A Professional Athlete

What Does it Mean to Have "What It Takes"

Do you know the difference between an amateur and a professional? 

“An amateur trains until they get it right. A professional trains until they can’t get it WRONG.”-Dr. Francis Mayer

If you’re serious about becoming a professional soccer player, you NEED to be training like one. To separate you from your teammates, you need to be doing the type of gym and technical sessions that elite-level players are doing. 

Becoming a professional soccer player doesn’t happen miraculously overnight. It takes years of hard work and dedication. Do you think Ronaldo woke up one day and was just magically the best player in the world? He spent years mastering his skills and physical capacity. Getting 1% better every day is all it takes to become a professional athlete, but you have to do this every day for YEARS. 

To increase your chances of getting scouted, remember that even top players like Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford, and Antoine Greizman were once REJECTED by big clubs! The key is to NEVER GIVE UP! Keep training on strengthening your strengths + weaknesses, honing your skills, and seizing every opportunity that comes your way. Your life and soccer career will only improve if you continue to take chances and push yourself.

The more you put yourself in these high-pressure situations and showcase your talents, the greater your chances of catching a scout’s eye.

Recently, we’ve had a great accomplishment within the FuturElitez Family. Yoni Ramirez signed a professional contract with CD Leganes- A division 2 club in La Liga 2 located in Spain.

Yoni attended our 2023 pro trial camp, from which we sent him on an

all-expenses paid (minus airfare) trip to Spain to attend a 14-day trial with the CD Leganes which is a division 2 professional club in LaLiga 2.

We are so proud of Yoni and his accomplishments are to be commended!

If you are between the ages of 16-24 who has what it takes, and dreams of having this opportunity, we encourage you to join our PTP- Path To Pro program. Our goal within this program is to 100% prepare you for the 2024 and on going Pro Trial Camps in order for you to receive the chance to try out in European and South American Countries.

We provide a well-organized, high-intensity training curriculum that focuses on targeting player weaknesses - technically, physically, and mentally. 

If you're serious, shoot us a message texting PTP at (703) 688-2759 or ask one of our coaches directly.

If your goal is to turn pro, you must adopt a pros training regimen. To set yourself apart from your opponents, you need to engage in rigorous gym workouts and technical drills that elite players take on. This includes strength and conditioning, agility and flexibility drills, stamina building, and of course, honing your ball control - shooting, passing, and tactical awareness. 

Join our Pro Trial Camps and let us help you achieve your professional goals.

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