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Fail, Fail Again, Fail Some More!

I don't necessarily like the word "fail". I more so, view it as a learning experience. When you experience setbacks or "failures" you tend to learn from them... well at least I hope you learn from them! And once you learn from them, you won't repeat that same mistake, because your brain is now looking for an alternate solution. You're training your brain to adapt to it.

We, as coaches/trainers need to adapt to training every player based on their learning process/speed. I believe it all resonates with one another. And, for coaches that are reading this, realize that your players look up to you and your words (if used correctly) mean a lot to them! So, emphasize it to your players; tell them, teach them, show them that it's okay to fail!

Nothing's wrong with failing and messing up a move/drill, because, at the end of the day, that's the only way you'll get better!

I Know "Everything", Now What?

We need to stop being afraid of making mistakes, because once we make mistakes, our brain starts working harder to help us find the solutions by learning from the mistakes/setbacks. If you were to learn everything in one blink of an eye, there would be no fun in it. You'll be bored, you'll be like "Okay, now I know everything, what now?" Right?

I always tell my players, that it is the process that is the most important part of improving and becoming a better soccer player. The process of learning and altering your strategies towards your improvement in this beautiful game, we call football/soccer. And as you learn more from these experiences, this sport becomes way more fun!

How We Can Help at FuturElitez Soccer?

At FuturElitez Soccer, we emphasize a lot on our player's mindset and attitude towards not only football/soccer but life. It does not matter what age our players are, we alter our teaching style but the message is still the same ... Be okay with Failing, failing again, and failing some more ... Because that's how you, as a football/soccer player will become better.


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