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"How Can I Play at My Best This Season?"

As a professional, I hear this question often. “How can I play at my best this season?” “What should I be doing differently?” “How do I improve my in-game confidence?”

Those of you who clicked on this post looking for a "short cut" will be disappointed.

My response is never an answer, but instead, another question. And that is "What are you trying to accomplish in this season?" Is it more goals? Is it to be on a starting roster consistently? Is it to add more value to your team? Is it to get promoted to a higher team? What is it YOU want to accomplish?

Consider your short and long term goals. What is their priority on your list?

Think of it this way: If you were to get a person to just run and not tell them where the finish line is, they would give up. Correct?

If you asked someone else to run the same distance, but they knew where the finish line was, they are more likely to finish it. So, when you know what you’re working towards, you’re more likely to achieve it.

Now that you have your goals set, understand that "Team Practice alone, will NOT get you to your goal". So, what is it that WILL help you to achieve your goals?


When you can’t stay motivated, stay consistent. Consistency is going to bring back your motivation. Master things like Meditation, Mobility Work, Performance Analyzing, or even just Wall Passing in your spare time, as Phil Foden (Manchester City and England's National Soccer Player) did this for hours, and his first touch is INCREDIBLE. Next, work on your mentality. Practice positive self-talk: Sometimes our negative self-talk kicks in, and we tell ourselves that we’re “not good” or, even worse, “I can’t score”. Your self-talk is a reflection of how you play on the field.

Lastly, gain visualization. Create that mental image of whatever it is that you want or what you wish to improve on. Spend time imagining different in-field scenarios. Think about it daily and put that passion into your play time. Looking back at our blog post from September of 2021, “Your mind is the most powerful tool you have for the creation of good in your life, but it can also be a destructive force in your life if it's not controlled correctly. Controlling your thoughts means influencing the way you live your life.”

If you're serious and believe you want to play more intensely, then finding a high quality and reputable soccer trainer/training program that can help to emphasize your technical skills is highly beneficial. If you want to stand out but feel as though you can’t compete with others on a physical level, maybe they’re faster or just have received more training than you, then the best way you can compete with them is if you are more technical than them.

As a technical player, you will be able to pass the ball, receive the ball, avoid those physical battles, and keep the ball on your feet.

Even world class players need to consistently hone their tactical and technical skills with guidance from experts to stay at the top of their game. Every player needs to understand their roles and responsibilities to work together effectively. Top level programs employ expert analysts to help them stay up to date and remain competitive.

Here at FuturElitez Soccer & Mindset Training, we have a holistic approach of combining technical training with a strong focus on the players mindset ability. We not only focus on a players’ technical and physical abilities, but we prioritize the development of our players’ mental game. Training your mind is crucial for your performance as it allows you to play with mental toughness, resilience, focus, confidence, and deal with nervousness.

By doing

this, you will be able to perform miles ahead of other average players who neglect mental training. Lastly, we encourage all of our players to apply what they work on/train at, to the game so you learn from your mistakes and improve much faster.

Be BOLD in the things you are learning!


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