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How To Earn More Playing Time

Coaches are looking for specific things in each player to be confident enough that the player will help the team perform at their best.

A common question for a lot of young soccer players is "How Do I Get More Playing Time?"

It's a fair question.

Nobody signs up to sit on the bench and watch. Every player should want to be out there playing and trying to help the team win. Although there is ambition from every player to want to play, sometimes it is difficult to make that happen.

There are only 11 starting positions, and teams are typically made up of up to 20 players or so(it can be less). It's a numbers game meaning that every player might not get a chance to play, unfortunately.

Competition for playing time is a good thing, and it's what really makes a team/players improve. So, for any players out there who aren't getting the playing time they want, there's always a way to change that.

Coaches make the final decisions about which players play and for how long. For that reason, it is important for players to find out and commit themselves to do the things that their coaches value.

All coaches are different. Different personalities, and different ways they want their team to play. In that context, it would be hard for us to predict what a specific coach is looking for in a detailed manner.

However, we can tell you the three habits that every single coach values and wants each of their players to have.

  1. Effort

  2. Focus and Discipline

  3. Confidence



If you were a coach and you had the choice between these two players who would you pick?

  • Player 1 does every single drill at half speed and doesn't seem to want to be practicing.

  • Player 2 attacks every drill at game speed, and even if they make mistakes they are still practicing at a high level.

Which Player Would You Choose?

  • Player 1

  • Player 2

Every single coach will pick Player 2 by a landslide, regardless of talent.

Everything starts with practice. They say the way you play in practice is the way you play in a game. It's important to show up to every practice with a good attitude, and be prepared to work. Effort isn't something to turn on and off, it should be there as the bare minimum every time you step on the field.

In order to get things that you want, not only in soccer but in life you have to put the hard work in. Nothing is given everything has to be earned.

Focus and Discipline

Coaches give players playing when they trust the player and that player is coachable. If you come to every practice focused and pay attention to what the coach is saying they will trust in you.

Be engaged when the coach is talking. Body language is important, eye contact is important, and subtle nods that you understand when they give you information. If a coach sees this on a consistent basis he/she will know that you are engaged and invested in what they have to say.


Every coach needs confident players, with confidence that is everlasting, the whole team will be able to actually play the game without thinking.

This is why the coach will pick the 11 players that he is most confident in to begin the game.

In order to make that list, you need to develop an aura about yourself when you are practicing.

Confidence begins with yourself. There's no better way to gain confidence than to try things in practice.

That's where you get better. Ask your coach how you can become a better player. He/She will definitely tell you.

When you make a mistake, maintain a positive mindset. Everyone makes mistakes. It is the next move that can make the difference.

Even the little things go a long way to making a difference.

Can you offer some of your teammates advice or encouragement?

If "Zach" made a good play in practice let him know, it builds team chemistry and it also helps to become a leader.

Moments like those can help you to get playing time because you could be that player who the coach looks to lift the team up.

If you want some tips on how to gain confidence we have the perfect read for you!


When it comes to playing time, the best thing a player can do is focus on what they have control of. Effort, Focus, and Confidence are all things that each individual player has control of.

Do these things the right way, and you"ll be on the field doing what you love most.


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