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Power of Parents+Coaches In Development

In today's blog, we discuss the importance of parents in the development of young soccer players through a different lens.
Today we will be using the words of FuturElitez Soccer's founder and Coach, Parsa

My name is Parsa, and I live in Northern Virginia. I was not born in America, I was born and raised in Iran until I was 9 years old. I am 22 now, and soccer is a big part of my life and my culture as well.

Iranians have a lot of love for the game, but you can say we aren't as talented as other countries, such as Brazil, France, and Germany.

As a young baby, when I was around three years old, I started to see my family members playing soccer. One of my first memories was when my dad gave me a soccer ball. Moments like those are why until this day I love it so much because the people around me loved it as well.

I'm a big believer in a positive mindset. Great mentality, strong mentality.

It's okay to fail. It's okay to get beat down.

When we were babies we got up, we tried to walk, stumble down, crawled, then got back up again. As we continue doing that, we learn how to walk.

This example just goes out for any other situation in our lives, which as babies, we don't know anything about failure. We're going to get what we want. Right. But when we get older, society's environment just changes that mindset of ours, and we just tend to get a little bit more towards that negative mindset.

Going back to my previous point, In America there are a lot of sports besides soccer. Soccer is not where it is supposed to be compared to other countries. While there is an ongoing push to get it at a higher level as of right now the main sports are basketball, American football, and baseball.

A lot of kids grow up wanting to play these sports, or even two at the same time. That is a good thing because sports play such a pivotal role. After all, it teaches so many life lessons.

A way to improve the level of soccer in this country is if families are educated about the sport and instill their knowledge and positive mindset to their kids then that is a way that kids can see that it is a sport they want to play.

In other instances, Some kids show interest, some don't. And that's where the coaches come to have a huge part to play.

Now coaches are much more educated, knowledgeable about how to coach the proper way for a younger generation. Because as kids, you don't want to learn to do drills all the time. You want to learn how to play while having fun.

Here at FuturElitez, we try to train all our players the right way and make sure they become better versions of themselves all while having fun during sessions. Now, we are seeing that kids are learning better not only because their parents understand the sport, but also because of the coaches.

The right coaches, and Parents add a lot of value to kids at a young age.


The next time we hear from Coach Parsa, it will be a detailed blog on experiences from his life that have led him to create FuturElitez. Make sure to stay tuned for that blog coming soon!

How We Can Help: At FuturElitez Soccer,we emphasize a lot on our player's mindset and attitude towards not only football/soccer but life. Not only do we emphasize this with our players, but we put out information for everyone to see such as our blogs, instagram and tiktok. With our podcasts on youtube and our blogs, we try to put out a message to help everyone live their life to the fullest! If you enjoyed this read, it would mean so much to us if you could share this with a friend/family member! Thank you in advance for always reading our blogs on a weekly basis.

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