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Why FuturElitez Soccer Camps?

What makes the FuturElitez Elite Camp different from the other "Soccer Camps"?

The answer to this question is very simple. We specialize in improving every child that takes the time to train with us.

Our coaches Coach Parsa, Coach Demitri, and Coach Roger all have different backgrounds and experiences and they come together to make one foundation.

This foundation is held by experience.

Every camper will have direct access to coaches who have expertise in the game of soccer and have coached people of all ages for years. This is what differentiates the FuturElitez camp from any other camp.

There are camps in which parents can drop off their kids as sort of a "daycare" program. Not to say our camp can't be a form of that, ours is just more so for players who truly want to become better footballers.

Our "Elite Camps" provide an experience for every player to improve with competition+evaluation provided.


The experience for every player that attends will be top-tier. We will be working on THEIR needs.

Every player will train and compete with other players in their age group. Sometimes observing and learning from other players your age can be beneficial. When I was younger sometimes it was easier for me to ask how he/she did a certain move, and then I would apply it to my game. If the number of players is in double digits that is a big opportunity to learn from those around.

The camp schedule will include having various group stations where players work on drills and exercises with coaches. These give every player the chance to interact closely with coaches while showing off their skills.

One of the most important pieces of soccer camps is the information you receive from being around high-level coaches. Coaches get to evaluate multiple areas of all player's games.

When coaches do a player evaluation they offer suggestions of things that players can improve. All of this information can allow every player to take something away from the camp into the future.


This camp is going to be an extended version of our training. Often during training sessions, we key in on a few things that the player can improve on. However, during the camp, we are going to focus on every single aspect.

  • First Touch

Our campers will become more comfortable with receiving the ball with different parts of their bodies!

  • Passing

Our campers will understand and learn the beauty of passing the ball with different parts of their feet.

  • Skill Moves

Our campers will learn the technique behind useful skill moves like "La Croqueta" ,"Scissors", and so many more useful skill moves

  • Shooting

Our campers will learn the different techniques of shooting (finesse, power, upper or lower and etc.)

  • Footwork

How quickly can we move our feet to allow us to make faster skill moves or get to a 50/50 ball quicker?


For our camp, we have partnered up with TFE (The Fitness Equation) which is a gym located in both One Loudoun, and South Riding. They gave us free passes (3-day, 7 days, one month) that all of our campers have a chance at winning.

We have 7 sponsors that are powering our elite camps to ensure all of our campers are going to have one of THE best experiences in their soccer careers!

Along with the opportunities to win those passes, we also have wristbands, mini-balls, and medals so no camper will walk away empty-handed!


Are you looking for improvements in yourself/your child's Soccer Performance + Soccer IQ? Look no further!

Our 3️⃣-hour Elite Camp taking place on May 30th, 2022 is a great experience is for players (8-12 & 13+ y/o) who are hungry for more.

It’s for players of all abilities who want to accelerate their game to the next level in a professional training environment. ✅

Limited spots are available, and registration closes one week prior to the camp's date!

To book your spot, click the link right here! (Limited spots available)


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