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Are Soccer Camps Worth It?

Will Soccer Camps Really Help You Improve?
This Is A Legitimate Question To Ask Before Booking A Soccer Camp

Soccer camps are fun for young soccer players. It is a great experience however it can be an investment of time and money, so it is important to know if the experience will be worthwhile before booking.

To first answer this question we are going to split it up into three parts. These three sections will take a look at the things that can be gained from attending a soccer camp.

Improvement Opportunity

Camps are a good start for not only beginning soccer players but players of all levels. To get the most out of the camp experience every player needs to give their best during each and all the different parts of the camp process. These are opportunities that do not appear every day. The chance to play with other kids of the same age, in an environment where everyone wants to get better isn't an everyday opportunity.

With the help of the coaches, they will be put into drills and small-sided games that promote healthy competition. Competition can bring the best out of every individual player, and they can come away with new skills and abilities.


One of the most important pieces of soccer camps is the information you receive from being around high-level coaches. For however long the camp is the coaches get to evaluate multiple areas of all player's games. This allows them to create a "list". This "list" can include things that they think an individual does very well.

Another facet of this list can be suggestions or things that in players' games can be improved. All of this information can allow every player to take something away from the camp into the future. It provides an opportunity to improve.

Years ago, I attended a George Mason soccer camp. Today I still remember what my evaluation was. The coaches said I was very talented, and they liked my instincts. However, I wasn't aggressive enough and I played while second-guessing myself.

I remember this until this day because it was one of the first times I got an honest perspective like that. It goes a long way and it pushed me to become better, so it can have the same effect on another young soccer player.


Soccer camps are often organized with all standards in mind, but perhaps the most important standard is that it is enjoyable and fun for all participants. The most important thing is to enjoy playing.

It is through enjoying playing that you improve the most, by wanting to play more, to be better, and to maximize your potential. These soccer camps are an excellent way to make new friends and lifelong memories.

So, to answer the original question. Yes, soccer camps are 100% worth it as long as you pick the right one. In any case, whether it be to have fun, to improve skills, or to be occupied, there are soccer camps that check those boxes.


Tips For Picking The Right Camp

  1. Make Sure They Have Good Reviews/Testimonials

  2. Ask For Referrals (Word Of Mouth)

  3. Get To Know The Coaches


With all that being said if you are looking for one in the Northern Virginia area we have a treat for you!

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Our 3️⃣-hour Elite Camp taking place on May 30th, 2022 is a great experience is for players (8-12 & 13+ y/o) who are hungry for more.

It’s for players of all abilities who want to accelerate their game to the next level in a professional training environment. ✅

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