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Is Private Soccer Training Meant For You?

Do YOU Want To Play In College One Day?... Do YOU Want To One Day Play Professionally?

The real determining factor to get to those levels, is how FAST players can improve their skills, and make the MOST out of their training.

So, the question you as a soccer player might be asking is... How can I improve the fastest? Well we have the answer for you!

The FASTEST Way For a Soccer Player To Get Better is Through Private Training ...!

If you are a soccer/football player and would like to reach that level one day, you need to be honest with yourself, and ask "How many effective hours am I putting into my craft as a player?" If your actions are not matching with your needs and wants, then you need to change a few things in order to reach those goals!

First, you need to have confidence in yourself, because a competitive and positive attitude will take you a long way. If you love playing soccer and try to get the most out of learning and practicing then you will be fine.

Even if right now, you may feel that there are better players than you, it’s okay. A lot of players, including myself have had those thoughts and feelings that you are feeling. I’ve talked about this in our first blog where I had moments when I realized I just wasn’t where I wanted to be, or needed to be as a player.

There are a lot of hard working players out there that are striving to become better, but most of the times, they need to be coached on their technique and trained extra hard by a well experienced private trainer! And also that little bit of a push and motivation might just be what that player may need to reach his/her full potential! And that's where the importance of private training comes in.

Club and high school coaches can be great coaches, but it is very hard for them to put all of their energy into the improvement of one player. Not saying they can’t improve players individually ... they definitely can, but usually most of the focus is on the overall team's performance, which will be more of the tactical aspects of the game, rather than the technical.

Private Trainers focus on players individually whether that is in small group trainings or one on one trainings, putting all their energy into each player to try to help he/she to reach their full potential! There are plans week-to-week, session-to-session which allows the trainer to evaluate and give individualized feedback on what the player needs to improve.

Now that you are more familiar with the importance of private trainers, we will talk about how to get the most out of the experience.

Train Multiple Times A Week

In order for players to really get better, training has to be consistent. I would definitely recommend at least two sessions per week to see improvement. The more you train, the more confident you will become, the quicker your body adjusts, and the better your skills will get. It all trickles down and it starts with making sure you are putting time and effort into getting better.

Consider Both Individual and Group Sessions

Individual Sessions are great for players. Players get to work on specific techniques and moves in their games that they need to improve. However, group sessions are very beneficial as well. A mix of both is very recommended.

In group training, 4-6 players usually at the same age, and skill level are a great competition for the players in order to become better together. Not only they get to improve together, but it allows the players to compete with each other. Drills like 1v1s and 2v2s will help each player improve in their foot-skills, tackles, and overall strength and fitness.

You may ask, “What is the difference between small group training and regular team practice? If you’re in a team session, the coach can’t individually help every player. At that time, the coach's main concern is to make the team stronger. When there are 15 members in one team, it’s very hard for him/her to pinpoint the individual mistakes. When there are

4-6 players, the private coach, can then pinpoint and help every individual to become better.

At FuturElitez Soccer Training we offer both individual training as well as small group training!

Finding the right private trainer is the biggest key in making the most out of your private training. The first question parents should ask is about the background and experience of the coach. How many years that individual has either played, and/or coached the game. Another important criteria is word of mouth. There are a lot of cases in which another player in the same club team as your son/daughter has trained with a particular coach. Ask for reviews from players they have worked with to back up their credentials.

Once you’ve got all your information on a particular coach, the next thing is making sure that coach, and your child are a good fit. Since any parent is spending money for these sessions they have to make sure that their child enjoys going to train with this coach. It can be very demotivating if they are not.

Obviously, it is very hard to know that from one meeting, but there are definitely steps you can take to get a feel for it. Often, trainers include an evaluation session in which you can watch your child and the coach during a session. Also, there may be trial sessions available that you can try out and see whether the private coach is a good fit for your son/daughter or not.


How We Can Help:

Here at FuturElitez Soccer Training our founder and main coach has over 5+ years of experience in coaching players from ages 5-19 years old. We also back our words up with our most loyal and committed clients who have left their reviews on our website, as well as google! We pride ourselves on improving each and every player not only with their technical and tactical soccer skills, but also with their mindset as well. Because the mindset is 65% of the solution!

So, if you're a Northern Virginia local and are looking for a skilled and experienced private soccer trainer, look no other way, and contact us here to get you started with our programs!


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