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Confidence vs. Ego

The difference between ego and confidence is.....
Ego is the way we want the world to see us. Confidence is how we see ourselves.

Not only is confidence needed in sports, but it's also necessary for life. Without the right mindset, it's hard for anyone to reach their full potential.

Confidence is crucial for every athlete, not only in soccer but in other sports as well. We have written a blog on why it is important for athletes to be confident. There are also tips included on how to gain confidence so if you have not read it make sure to check it out!

Challenges will come and of course, it is a great achievement when you set out to do something and you execute. Not getting comfortable is the thing that needs to be emphasized. Try out for a club team and make it? Celebrate. Tryout out for your high school team and make it? Celebrate.

However, don't let those achievements get in the way of the big picture. The idea is to show that you can do better. You haven't reached the goal yet. Unless your goal is to play high school soccer then, okay, you've reached it, but I don't think that should be anybody's goal.

What do you get from high school soccer? Except for experience in a different coach than from the club team.

I've seen a lot of high school players make the team, and then just walk with this swagger. Maybe they are the best on their team, but that doesn't give them the right to shout at teammates or even disrespect the coach.

Who do you see in the professional game that has a huge ego?

Ronaldo is a team player. Messi is the same thing. These guys are big names, big money, but on the field, it's a team game for them. They are trying to bring the best out of their teammates so the team can win.

I think unless you reached the peak like Ronaldo's and Messi's where the trophy cabinet show, "Hey, this is the kind of player I am." You can't talk with an ego or even have an ego.

Messi and Ronaldo come from humble beginnings. Low-income families and had to work hard to get to the level they are at. Ego was not a thing for them growing up. Once they made it to the pros and started winning trophies, the ego came because they already proved themselves.

The most important thing to take away from this blog is to keep your head down and keep working because you'll just get knocked down if you don't.

Ego is a dangerous thing because it could be the reason a player could go one way or another.

Overall, I think that's the benefit of the game. The game will prove to you that you either play or you don't play. As you grow older if you keep the ego, the coaches won't play you next thing you know. Now there's a division among the player in the game because you just don't fit the mold of what coaches in the game requires.

How We Can Help:

At FuturElitez Soccer, we emphasize a lot on our player's mindset and attitude towards not only football/soccer but life.

It does not matter what age our players are, we alter our teaching style but the message is still the same ... stay disciplined and work as hard as you can. Because that's how you, as a football/soccer player/person will become better.


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