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Dear Parents: Did You Know This?

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Studies show that 70% of kids quit sports in their teens. Why? This often occurs when the pressure from their parents becomes more dominant than the fun of playing the sport and paradoxically, this actually stems from parents wanting the best for their children.

So how can the parents of a footballer support the development of their child as a player in a healthy way?

Here are some tips:

  1. Let your child enjoy the game. Children don’t need you to be their coach, they need you to be their parent. Speak and listen to your children.

Make sure they know that it is their choice to play soccer-not the choice of their parents.

Otherwise, they might just play to avoid disappointing their parents. Let the coaches and specialized trainers (Like FuturElitez) do the coaching and any “criticizing.”

2. Support them in other aspects. Help your child to develop a competitive mindset, and don’t enforce it onto them. To be clear, we’re not speaking about a “participation trophy mentality”. If a player wants to improve, by definition, they have to constantly challenge themselves and go through the inner conflicts, and emotions, that come with this process.

Again, this motivation has to come from the player, not from parents screaming from the sidelines or constantly criticizing their performance and behavior. The best role is to support them when going through this process.

  1. Be somebody they can trust. Give your child the opportunity to grow at their own pace, whilst having the courage to come and speak to you about the challenges and obstacles they're experiencing with. They already have enough pressure from their teammates and coaches.

How can I help my child to fall in love with the game?

  • Spend more time playing soccer against your child: ask them about the skill moves they have learned during their training sessions with us, at FuturElitez Soccer & Mindset Training. and to teach/show you how to do it.

  • Watch more soccer matches/highlights on TV or YouTube so the kids can see cool and creative skills from the professional players to improve their creativity in the game.

  • Teach them the names of the teams, the names of the players, do things to spark their interest so they'll want to know more about the game. Having them actively learn about their sport at a young age, will spark interest later on.

If you’re a parent, and your child plays soccer, you’re supporting them day in & day out. You’re making things possible for them so they can have a better experience. You’re sacrificing. You’re learning.


It's a roller coaster - there’s highs & lows, but YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Every practice. Every game. It all adds up. They may be young now, but when they get older, they’re going to remember everything you’ve done for them.

Keep up the great work FuturElitez Family!

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