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How Long Can You Stay Motivated?

The other day, a friend of mine asked me, "What keeps you so motivated? Not only motivated for yourself but the ability to help motivate other people?

In my opinion, motivation ultimately comes and goes. It can be there, right after we watch an inspiring video, you can be motivated for so long, right? But the real question is this, is that motivation here to stay permanently?

For most people, the answer is no. The question really becomes, can you hold yourself accountable consistently over a long period of time versus being motivated for a week?

For example, a lot of people commit to being a better version of themselves after the New Year right? People get New Year's resolutions every single year that "I want to get abs" or to relate it to soccer let's say someone wants to get their legs stronger.

However, come around time in February, they stopped going to the gym. It is because they obviously lacked that motivation enough to keep this consistently going for four months.

So they were motivated for a month and a half. But what stops that person from continuing to go? A lot of it is because people want everything in this day and age with social media, and technology to get everything fast. So you want to hit the gym, you want to do your sit-ups and think that your six-pack is going to be there.

Realistically it's not like that it takes time for people to have a good physique body. Some people have it God-given. God has just blessed them from when they were in 8th grade, they just had to freakishly, you know, cut body, but others have to work for it. You put hours of dedication into running, strength training, resistance training, and core training. All those hours of work get accumulated into your body and mind. And that's what forms that body, right?

Additionally, people look at trainers or influencers and say "I want to be like that" and that's not how it works, right? One person, I know asked me in the summertime, "I saw this girl On YouTube and she said, with this 30-minute ab routine I guarantee you'll see your abs instantly.

She asked, "Man, like, why are they doing that? "And I said, look, you know, I think it's all clickbait, they're trying to get you to get people drawn to this video so they can get more viewership for them to honestly make more money.

I told them that anything in life that you want isn't just given to you and it doesn't come quick, it doesn't come easy. So if you want something if you want to change your physique you have to start chipping away at it every single day.

It could be 20 minutes a day, but that 20 minutes is better than going an hour for one day of the week. So I think for me, it's all about consistency, It's taking baby steps.

Hey, if you haven't trained hard your whole life, it is not realistic as a beginner to work out five days a week. Think of it as levels start at level one which is working out maybe two days a week, let's do that for a whole month. And if you can consistently do that, then start thinking about, four or five days a week.

You can't rush the process and once you understand you have to be disciplined and consistent you will 100% reach whatever goal you are striving for.

How We Can Help:

At FuturElitez Soccer, we emphasize a lot on our player's mindset and attitude towards not only football/soccer but life. It does not matter what age our players are, we alter our teaching style but the message is still the same ... stay disciplined and work as hard as you can. Because that's how you, as a football/soccer player/person will become better.


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