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The FuturElitez Elite Camp Experience

Join us for our Elite Camp taking place on June 17th!

As many of our readers may know we recently had our first camp on Memorial Day. Having been able to attend the camp in a spectator capacity, I was not coaching or assisting during the event, so I am the perfect person to share my experiences with you.

It was a great experience, the organization was top-notch. From the check-in process to the field organization everything was set up perfectly. I could tell that everything was well-planned, and that is a salute to all the people who helped set the camp up.

The energy brought by both the coaches and the players was amazing. It was 90 degrees plus outside and everybody was smiling, and having fun.

It looked so fun that I genuinely wanted to hop in and join.

More on the technical side, I believe I saw a little bit of everything. There were technical drills aimed to help players learn moves and techniques.

A little bit after those were scrimmages and the coaches tried to get the players to apply what they learned in a "game-setting."

During the scrimmage for the 13+ age group, we all almost saw the goal of the ages. One of the players almost scored a worldie bicycle kick but it was blocked, unfortunately. Trust me when I tell you that goal would've been on ESPN.


My favorite moment was towards the end of the camp when all the players+coaches gathered up. All three coaches identified the players who stood out to them not only performance-wise, but leadership-wise as well.

The players chosen won things like mini-soccer balls, free gym passes to The Fitness Equation, medals, and wristbands.

Trophies were given to the winning teams, and awards like Camp MVP were given out, so it was a great moment to see the players get highlighted for their hard work.

It was a great experience that all the players enjoyed, and they left with smiles on their faces.

Just a few minutes after the camp ended, the coaches were already discussing what they could do better, and how they could provide a better experience for both age groups. These guys were still working on their craft after being in the heat all day long.

Some of the quotes I heard were things like "This motivates me more to help our players improve", and "Next time, we can exclude one drill to make the experience better."

This alone shows me that these players are in good hands. If there is any parent that is on the fence about signing up their child I would highly encourage them to do so.

The June 17th camp along with the July 20th camp is coming soon, so there are multiple opportunities to register. It is said that experience leads to improvement, so both of these camps offer a different experience from the first.

Don't Miss Out!

Your child may come away with an experience that he or she remembers for the rest of their life.


Are you looking for improvements in yourself/your child's Soccer Performance + Soccer IQ? Look no further!

Our 3️-hour Elite Camp taking place on June 17th, 2022 is a great experience is for players (8-12 & 13+ y/o) who are hungry to achieve more.

It’s for players of all abilities who want to accelerate their game to the next level in a professional training environment. ✅

Limited spots are available, and registration closes one week prior to the camp's date!

To book your spot, click the link right here! (Limited spots available)


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