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What Gear To Wear In Futsal

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

If you are looking to get involved in Futsal, there is some specific equipment needed.

Futsal is increasingly being used as a developmental tool for young footballers. This is why we have written blogs informing our readers about one of the fastest growing sports.

So far, we've discussed What Futsal Is, The Rules of Futsal, and The Benefits of Playing Futsal. If you haven't been able to read those blogs make sure to check them out because they contain some excellent information.

This week, we wanted our readers to have access to a quick and informative blog on what types of gear to wear for Futsal. With the right equipment, young soccer players can take full of advantage of the opportunity to improve.


Futsal is played in the same attire as a normal 11v11 game with shirts, shorts, socks, and shin guards, and gloves(goalkeepers). In competitive action, numbered shirts are given by teams, and keepers wear different colored jerseys.


Perhaps the biggest difference between 11v11 soccer and futsal is the ball used. Futsal involves close control, passing, and technique. This is why a smaller, heavier ball is used. It is recommended that under-12s play with size-3, while the over-13s play with size-4 balls.

The most common ball used are Select balls and you can find them in places like Dick's Sporting Goods, Soccer stores, and even online on the Select website.


Futsal players should not use cleats. If futsal players wore cleats not only would they injure themselves/people around them but they wouldn't have any traction on a hard surfaced floor.

It is recommended that they wear flat sneakers with good traction because Futsal involves quick movements and traction allows players to not slip and slide on the floor.

The best shoes to wear are indoor soccer shoes. These all have good traction and are made specifically for hard surfaces. Brands like Puma, Nike, and Adidas all have indoor soccer shoes in different styles and colorways.

You also don't necessarily need these soccer shoes. If you are on a budget regular running/athletic shoes also work well.


We hope our Futsal blogs over the past few weeks have helped you learn about the sport, or even sparked an interest. Futsal is fast and very technical. Forcing young players to be comfortable controlling the ball and passing in tight spaces.

With proper training, and proper equipment any young player can multiply their development by playing Futsal.

How We Can Help:

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