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Winners Will Overcome

First, let's start off with what Winning is. When I say winning it's easy to think of a game since this is a soccer-related blog. However, winning can be much more than a "game". Winning is an everyday thing. It's a makeup of mindsets, attitudes, and emotions.

All of these things are important not only in sports but in life as a whole. For any person to get to where they want to be it's important to overcome certain challenges.

These Challenges Are.....

Fear Of Failure

Once I had someone close to me tell me that for you to reach goals you have to get off your "comfort zone". As I have gotten older I've realized that is one of the biggest things that separates people in life.

There are probably millions of people out there who had all the potential to do whatever their dream was at a high level, but couldn't due to fear of failure. Since this is a soccer blog let's say that someone wanted to try out for a team. However, they didn't due to fear of not making it.

That in itself isn't a winner's mindset. That player could've made the team if they tried and gave it their all. We can even present an alternative scenario that they didn't make it. If they didn't they would still have that experience to know what they needed to improve on. By not trying out that player ends up not gaining anything and being stagnant.

In reality, there is no such thing as failure. The experiences you gain from just getting out of the "comfort zone" provide new opportunities along with a new outlook on life.


We live in a society today where we all as individuals are constantly placed with demands from the people around us like peers, family, and coaches

Pressure often results in feelings of nervousness, stress, and anxiety. These are normal feelings that every human being goes through. The challenge is to channel that "pressure" to create motivation.

Winners embrace pressure as something that motivates them and creates a sense of urgency. Changing thoughts about something will change the way you feel and act when you come in contact with them. So instead of associating pressure as something that makes you nervous or scared. Redefine pressure as a great opportunity.


Nobody wants to be rejected. In life, it is bound to happen multiple times so instead of shying away from it it's better to learn how to deal with it. In the pursuit of chasing your dreams, it is very likely that you will encounter numerous rejections from others which often brings out the feeling of pain within.

Overcoming these rejections and coming out stronger from them is what winners do. There are multiple examples of professional soccer players who were rejected and over the years proved doubters wrong.

Harry Kane is a prime example of someone who overcame rejection.

When he was younger he was a part of the Arsenal Football Club youth academy.

He was released from the academy because he was "too chubby." This could've been a moment that made him quit, but it didn't.

He then signed to Tottenham and years later became one of the best strikers in the world. I'm sure to this day whoever made that decision for Arsenal regrets it heavily.


Complacency is a feeling of satisfaction after an achievement that can last too long. I'm not saying don't celebrate achievements but after a certain time length, it's time to get the next one. Winners continue to improve even after achieving something they wanted.

What Is Your Plan To Continue Growing?

No matter what every single day there is an opportunity to improve. Being too comfortable is bad because doing the same stuff everyday stunts growth.

It is important to continuously learn and adapt because we as human beings are meant to be the same as we get older. The older and more mature we get we become different people with different interests, ambitions, and outlooks.


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