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2022: The Year Of The Tiger

Here's How To Set And Achieve Goals In 2022

In just a few days the time will countdown to a fresh start. This fresh start in 2022 comes with so many opportunities. A chance to reach goals, and even an opportunity to do something that was failed to do in 2021.

The reason we titled this blog "The Year of The Tiger" is in relation to the Chinese New Year. The Chinese assign animals to the New Year every year and 2022 is assigned to the king of all beasts.

Tigers are the king of the jungle and hunt whatever they want. I like to relate that to how we should all be as individuals this coming year. Let's all hunt down our goals and achieve the things we want this year!

Why Goals Matter

People will say “2022 will be a great year” and some will say that with no plan for the year at all. A great year won’t just come from nowhere. It’s on every individual to make 2022 a great year for themselves. To do that there need to be some realistic goals set and a plan to achieve them.

Often people put “New Year’s Resolutions” like “going to the gym” for example. These “New Year Resolutions” start strong but typically don’t last. I used to work at a gym a few years back, and during January the gym would be very busy. By February a lot of the faces you saw often was gone.

The word “New Year’s Resolutions” has a negative attachment to it. There are a few reasons why these resolutions don’t last throughout the year.

1. They aren’t specific enough.

2. They are also usually framed negatively.

For me, having resolutions means things that I want to do, but won’t do. This is why instead of calling them resolutions I say “Things That I Will Achieve In 2022”

With all that being said it’s really easy to set a goal, but the hardest part is putting in the work and consistency needed to actually achieve it.

How To Stick To Goals

1. Plan Ahead

A goal with no plan is unattainable. For example, If the goal is to gain ten pounds of muscle this year that involves some research. How often should you work out? What are good foods to eat? What are foods to avoid?

Planning ahead gives you more knowledge, and ultimately a better chance at achieving the goal you are striving for.

2. Talk About It

Don’t keep your goals and ambitions a secret. Telling friends and family members can not only help give you support to reach these goals but saying them out loud to others is very positive.

3. Track Your Progress.

Keep track of success. It is important to have short-term goals mixed with long-term. If the long-term goal was to gain ten pounds of muscle, focus on the first five. Reward yourself for being halfway there to the goal.

4. Stick To It

Be persistent, and be patient. Setbacks will come you will be tired, but push through because once that goal is reached you can look back and be proud of yourself.

The time will come when it is December 2022 and you have the opportunity to make this a great year for yourself. This time next year you should be looking back on your year proud of what you have done. That’s what life is becoming a better version of yourself day-by-day, month-by-month, and year-by-year.

Happy New Year To All Of Our Readers!


How We Can Help!:

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